5 popular wish-making sites in the Tohoku region, Japan

The Tohoku region is a region on the north of Honshu Island, Japan, and is known as a charming place that besides being famous for its abundant natural attractions . Also famous for The attraction That is sacred as well. Both temples and shrines in the Tohoku region All attracted tourists from all over the place to ask for blessings to increase their vitality. Today JR EAST pampered everyone to take the train by using the JR EAST PASS worthwhile to visit 5 sacred places. Make a wish together a large set. In matters of health, money, fortune and love

Make a wish for health – Yamadera Temple, Yamagata Prefecture

Yamadera Temple or its official name is Houjuzan Rissyakuji Temple is a temple of the Tendai sect. It is located in the mountains in the northeast of Yamagata City. Making it possible to see beautiful views of the valley You can say that it is representative of Yamagata Prefecture. This temple is more than a thousand years old. The highlight is that the entrance is 1,015 stone steps, which people like to pray for good health. Disease-free

From Tokyo Station, take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen to Sendai Station, takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, then transfer to the JR Senzan Line and get off at Yamadera Station. ) It takes about 1 hour.

Make a wish for money and gold – Kanahebisui shrine (Kanahebi-Suijinja_shrine) Miyagi Prefecture Tohoku region

Kanahebisui Shrine of Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, is a shrine worshiping a snake god with a history of over a thousand years People will come to worship the golden snake that is enshrined here. To wish for good fortune, money and prosperity in business In addition, inside the shrine, there are many snake-shaped rocks. It is believed that if the wallet is rubbed on the rock, snake or put your hand to rub it and pray, it will have good fortune. Money poured out of gold.

・ How to get there by JR EAST trains:

From Tokyo Station, take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen to Sendai Station in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, then change to the JR Tohoku Main Line to Iwanuma Station, takes about 20 minutes. And take the Iwanuma Shimin Bus Daishi Line, get off at Hanatopia-Mae bus stop Then walk for about 10 minutes

Make a wish for love – Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple, Miyagi Prefecture

This temple is in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. It is a temple that features a magnificent 5-story pagoda and the Niew Rai Buddha image. Which is famous for inspiring the great wishes of the prayerful. Therefore, people often come to pray for good luck in their spouse, having children, and giving birth to children easily. There is also a sacred tree call Renri no Keyaki (Renri no Keyaki) means The Keyaki Tree of Eternal Love Caused by two keyaki trees merging into one. It is believed to give luck in the soulmate. People are popular to come to make a wish in love.

From Tokyo Station, take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen to Sendai Station, takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, then take the bus at Sendai Station West Exit Bus Terminal number 10, take the Sendai City Bus line that says Go to Jogi, sit until the end of the train, takes about 80 minutes.

Make a wish on youth And eternal beauty – Gozanoishi Shrine, Akita Prefecture

Goza noichi Shrine Located on the Sea Lake pan think (Tazawa Lake) in Akita Prefecture. The name of the shrine means “seat stone” from Yoshitaka-san. A nobleman of the Satake family (Who later became the ruler of Akita City) sat in this area while visiting Lake Tazawa in 1650

This shrine is famous for the legend of a young woman named “Tatsuko”. Who wishes to stay young. And eternal beauty Therefore went to pray to the gods until she became a goddess of beauty People therefore popularize to pay homage to make a wish on beauty. And is also a point of fortune-telling, bringing good luck and helping in the matter of success as well.

From Tokyo Station, take the JR Akita Shinkansen to Tazawako Station, takes about 2 hours 50 minutes, then take the Tazawako round line bus to Gozanoishi Shrine station, takes about 1 hour.

Visit the World Heritage Site of Chuson-ji Temple Hiraizumi Town Iwate Prefecture (Chusonji Temple)

Chuson-ji Temple is a very famous temple in Hiraizumi City, Iwate Prefecture. It was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2011. Inside there is a golden hall “Jikikido” shining gold. Inside there are many monks to worship. In addition, here there is a god’s eye. So people with eye problems can also come and make a wish. It is now recognized as the most important Tendai sect temple in the Tohoku region. You can say who came to Iwate Prefecture. Must come and worship for the prosperity 

From Tokyo Station, take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen to Ichinoseki Station, take about 2 hours, then change to the JR Tohoku Main Line, ride for another 8 minutes, get off at Hiraizumi Station from Take a bus around Hiraizumi Loop Bus Run Run for about 10 minutes or walk for about 30 minutes.