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Take a look at the "smallest shrine in Japan"

Take a look at the “smallest shrine in Japan”

Shinto is a traditional Japanese belief that is different from Buddhism. Believing that there is a god or kami in all things In the era of the Chakrawan Niyom The Japanese government used to designate Shinto as the national religion. And it takes a lot of effort to push Until we can see

Heng Chun Seng, beef noodle No.1 in Thailand

Heng Chun Seng, beef noodle No.1 in Thailand

This place has been recognized by many connoisseurs of meat. People say is one of The best braised beef noodle shop in Thailand that is said to be Guaranteed with the history of the shop that has been sold for more than 60 years.  The atmosphere of Heng Chun Seng beef noodle  shop is

Dress will depend on your lifestyle

Dress will depend on your lifestyle

Nowadays, the issue of dressing is very necessary and important because it is considered to be one of the most important and essential matters that we should not be overlooked or overlooked. Everything in the matter of dressing that we must first look at the importance

5 Things close to you Take care of cold symptoms

5 Things close to you Take care of cold symptoms

Common cold or common cold is a common disease that can be found throughout the year. Found in people of all ages, all ages, in the time we have a cold. The most common symptoms are runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, itchy throat, throat irritation,



Taipei is another visa-free country for Thai citizens. The money used is enough. With Thailand too Plus convenient transportation Therefore making friends Many people pin Taipei as one of the must-visit overseas destinations in their lifetime. And for friends Anyone who is more chilling would say that it must go even more,

"Strange street food famous in Thailand"

“Strange street food famous in Thailand”

Strange street food menu That many people would see There are many reviews. Until it is a hit now Even foreign tourists still have to come try this menu is a Recomend menu for foreign tourists. No matter who visited Or come to travel in Thailand And visited the flea market Popular in

6 "benefits of waking up early"

6 “benefits of waking up early”

Benefits of waking up early. It is well known that getting up in the morning can be very beneficial for you. And having more time to do something Or even waking up to the soft sunlight Today we try to see that. In that science What are the benefits of

"Birth control pills", cancer risk

“Birth control pills”, cancer risk

Birth control pills as we get older, the body will produce less estrogen and start to enter the golden age. Many people begin to notice physical changes such as hot flushes in the body, sweating, and insomnia. It interferes with daily life, so many people have to

10 Places to Visit in "Nan Province", Thailand

10 Places to Visit in “Nan Province”, Thailand

If talking about the city of Nan already Second, I can say that it is the hottest trend in the trend of tourism. If you want to take a cultural tour, see beautiful temples, you can see in a spectacular way. Or if someone is a nature lover

"5 Foods to resist to the child face", clear skin

“5 Foods to resist to the child face”, clear skin

Age and illness Is the main factor That makes us look older than it really is Which eating healthy food can help maintain a healthy body and keep us away from disease as well. But in addition to that, in some food, there are also substances that help reduce