Taipei is another visa-free country for Thai citizens. The money used is enough. With Thailand too Plus convenient transportation Therefore making friends Many people pin Taipei as one of the must-visit overseas destinations in their lifetime. And for friends Anyone who is more chilling would say that it must go even more, because in Taipei, the capital of Taipei, there are many attractions for chill out to go to slow life. Charge the battery to increase the power of many lives. If you choose to go on a trip to Taipei, chill out with friends, with your boyfriend, and family, or go on your own, you will definitely be impressed.

Taipei Zoo

Maokong Mountain

After friends We have finished touring the Taipei Zoo. Take the drunken cable car, continue to travel on Mount Maokong. Because above is a famous tea plantation in Taipei On the way that friends Take the drunken cable car up slowly Will be able to fully appreciate the rich natural atmosphere of Taipei It is very suitable for a slow lifestyle.

The tea plantation area is at the last station, Maokong Station (Maokong Station). In the midst of nature that can be surrounded Plus also get to see a beautiful view Of Taipei from a high angle as well.

Xiangshan Mountain

Chew lines must go to chill out in the view of Taipei City. Together at Xiang San Mountain Taipei viewpoint and view the most beautiful sunset in Taipei where you can walk up the stairs to chill. The distance is about 500 – 600 meters only. When you reach the top, you can take a picture as well.

228 Peace Memorial Park

228 Peace Park is Taipei’s first public park with a western atmosphere. The atmosphere in the garden is very shady. There are big trees, large bridges, a six-sided pavilion in the middle of the water. 228 Memorial Peace Memorial Museum Building, National Museum of Taipei, etc. It is a place that has a chill. Suitable for recreation Plus gain knowledge of Taipei history as well.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Chewy lines and art work together. Therefore, Huashan Creative Center is one of the best places to
chill as you can see the artworks. I’ve come to take cool hip photos with cool walls. Shopping for products that are created. Watch movies outside the stream Have a cup of coffee in a chic café.

Si Si Nan Cun Historical Village

Si Si Nan Xun Historical Village is the first ancient village in Taipei that Qiu Shui will definitely be disappointed because friends will see a small community. Of Taiwan that seems to have escaped to another world In addition, the atmosphere here is very different from the prosperity of Taipei that we are familiar with. In fact, the Sihanun Xun Historical Village is located near the Taipei 101 building, and the Sihanun Sun Village is also a popular pre-wedding photo location for Taiwanese people. Because of the colorful doors and windows that contrast with the old houses This makes it a very cool photo scene. If you are visiting here, we recommend you to go on Sunday as there will be a Simple Market for your friends to shop for handmade products. Organic food, etc.

Bopiliao Historical Block

If Sai Chew went to pay homage to Longshan Temple, do not forget to visit the Pua Phi Liao old town. Because they are located nearby, Pua Phi Liao old town is a small district With a unique old red brick building It’s a great place to take a walk and take photos. There is also a shop. There are many restaurants in a traditional setting for friends to experience, and is home to the Heritage Culture Education Center of Taipei, a place to showcase the life stories of the old people who lived in the area. If you want to know how in the old days the Taipeinese lived What do you travel with? How is the education system in place? As for the medical system, you can visit the Taipei Cultural Learning Center located in the old town of Pua Phi Liao for free.

Red House Theater

Red House Gallery is an old building that was built during the Japanese colonial period. It looks like an octagonal building made of red bricks. In the past, this area used to be an entertainment center with many theaters and cinemas. Nowadays, Baan Daeng Gallery is a cultural center in Taipei, with a theater, café, art shop, café, a space for exhibiting past art and accessories.If you want to do some shopping, we recommend visiting on Saturday. – On Sunday, there will be an art market in front of the entrance as well.


We are more confident than Chiu saiyou, you will definitely like street food and a comfortable atmosphere, so Ximending is another neighborhood that is suitable for chill-out lovers who like to walk, eat, walk and shop as it is a shopping destination. Update fashion trends in the heart of Taipei. Plus, there are also many street food options to choose from. Who wants to hunt for pearl milk tea to eat here, there are almost all famous stores for friends. Have chosen to try to satisfy Or savory food such as Noodles can also be eaten together, which you can go for a walk. Here all day longtravelOpening time Admission feemapTravel timeStay at?

Shilin Night Market

Another form of travel that will surely like personally. Is the night market Which we recommend the Shilin Night Market The largest night market in Taipei for you to get to know each other at Shilin Night Market. Street food for you. Choose to eat in hundreds of restaurants. From savory foods to desserts There are also many clothing stores, cosmetics, souvenir shops that really have everything. So if your friends Come here only to guarantee that you will be full. Get both souvenirs to take home at a cheap price too.