Koh Samui, which is the most beautiful

“Heaven in the middle of the bay” is a nickname and a description of the beauty of ” Koh Samui “ very well. because the water of this place is indigo There are beaches covered with pure white sand. There are also coral reefs that are ready for you to dive to see the beauty. At the same time, Koh Samui also has a fisherman lifestyle and beautiful temples that are equally interesting.

This is by the charm and uniqueness of the island. including abundant natural resources Which is the 3rd largest island in Thailand located in Surat Thani Province, so it makes a lot of Thai and foreign tourists come to visit. to organize a trip to celebrate an anniversary with a boyfriend or a birthday However, with Koh Samui being quite large, Therefore, the beaches of the island are quite a lot. Called that the choice was not quite right. So today we have compiled some beautiful beaches on Koh Samui for you to visit.

1. Lamai Beach

One of the best known beaches in Koh Samui is ‘Lamai Beach’ because the sand of this beach is fine and bright gold. In the part of the sea, it’s turquoise, it’s nice to go down to play and refresh your heart. If you observe carefully, you will see that the overall shape of the beach is similar to a crescent moon. Which is considered unique and outstanding that many people talk about. However, when traveling, sometimes we may need some privacy, right? But this is not a concern. Because Lamai Beach has beautiful accommodation. with a calm atmosphere Including water activities that can be played together for fun

2. Chaweng Beach

Both Thai and foreign tourists visit Chaweng Beach quite a lot. Because the accommodation near the beach is quite a lot. Also, with the beauty of the beach, in addition to being able to relax and relax. Can also see beautiful views along the way, which mainly Chaweng Beach is divided into 4 areas: Chaweng Noi Beach, Chaweng Nuea Beach, Chaweng Klang and Chaweng Tai Beach. The beauty of the beach is that you will see a sandy beach that stretches for more than 6 kilometers, and at low tide you will be able to swim deeper. In the morning you can wake up to watch the sunrise. because it is a very suitable angle for viewing while at night it was equally beautiful. Because Sai beach will shine as a result of the light of the moon itself.

3. Bophut Beach

The charm of Bophut Beach is not only the shady atmosphere or the beauty of the beach. Because here we can absorb the lifestyle of people who have a career as a fisherman which has been passed down for generations. It is said to be the longest resident fisherman group on Koh Samui. If you have touched it, you will definitely not be disappointed. The attraction of Bophut Beach is also in terms of fun adventure activities such as fishing tours typical of the fishermen of Bophut Beach. Scuba diving or shallow water Including water sports that you can enjoy all day.

4. Choeng Mon Beach

If talking about beauty Choeng Mon Beach is second to none. because the sea is emerald green Including a long sandy beach that contrasts with the color of the sea, which is very beautiful. The interesting activity in Choeng Mon Beach is snorkeling. (So ​​don’t forget to bring a diving mask ) or anyone who wants to get a tan back home. Choeng Mon Beach is perfect for laying in the sun while enjoying the views of the millions of sea.

5. Lipa Noi Beach

The turquoise waters contrasted with the glittering sky are the highlight of this beach. The beach is golden when exposed to the sun during sunset. It’s so beautiful that anyone who sees it will surely be impressed. If anyone comes with a partner, then you will definitely get a romantic atmosphere and create good moments.