5 “Honeymoon places”, beautiful view

Traditionally, after marriage, couples often go hand in hand for their honeymoon at beautiful tourist attractions, which if talking about tourist attractions that are popular honeymoon places for couples, married couples are very popular. In the end, it must be ‘Sea’, the most in-depth suite of every season. 

And even though each sea has no adventure activities to do But just stepped on the sand to see the clear sea with the person beside Just like this, it has become a very sweet and finnish honeymoon. And do you know where the sea is? With a beautiful view, comfortable sleep, that married couples should go on their honeymoon the most at this time, if you do not know, then follow Happy Wedding.Life to see the place for honeymoon by the sea.

1. Take a Tangkae boat to explore the beautiful island. Go snorkeling At Krabi

What’s better this summer than a two-person trip to the beach? And the province that is famous for the beauty of the Thai sea, it must be considered Krabi Province as another place for couples to go for their honeymoon. Once Because it’s so beautiful Krabi does not have only Maya Bay or Phi Phi Island, with crystal clear emerald water suitable for snorkeling. But there are also Hong Island, Railay Island, Koh Poda, Koh Rok and Thale Waek, the white sandy beach, the sea is equally beautiful.In addition, Krabi also has beautiful mountains and waterfalls such as Emerald Pool and Hot Waterfall, a natural tourist attraction like no other. In the same province as well.

2. Koh Nang Yuan, Chumphon Province, the most beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand

Nangyuan Island is a small island. On the north of Koh Tao is a paradise of relaxation that is regarded as one of the top ten in the world. Contrast with clear blue water Until it becomes a private 3 bay, a tourist destination suitable for swimming and snorkeling Very much You can also watch the sunrise and sunset on the same beach. Which is a distinctive identity of Koh Nang Yuan that is the only one in the world.

3. Lipe, the island known for the most beautiful sunset views in Andaman

Lipe is one of the Tarutao Archipelago National Park. 62 kilometers away from the port of Pak Bara, where the environment is generally “Koh Lipe” is full of perfect coral forest. There are beautiful coves. White sand beach There are 3 beaches on Koh Lipe: Pattaya Beach or Bundhaya, Chao Lay Beach or Sunrise Beach and Fisherman Bay (Sunset Beach), each of which can be connected by walking around 15-20. Minutes only.

4. Go hang up in a hammock and lie down at The Boathouse, Bang Saray, a homestay on the beach, Chonburi

Who says going to the beach must be romantic, go to the beach like a stylish person. With a chic accommodation, The boathouse Bang Saray is just around the corner in Sattahip district. Chonburi Province, away from The Boathouse is a seaside homestay which is decorated in a lovely style from the entrance to the front of the house to the room. As for the rooms, there are 2 types to choose from: fan rooms and air-conditioned rooms Prices vary. Conclude who wants to travel to the sea in a new style, not focusing on romance It’s a little cute. You can try inviting your lover to change the atmosphere together.

5. Maldives Islands At the classic honeymoon of your newly married

And of course, talking about the sea, how can there be no Maldives or the Maldives Islands (Maldives)? Maldives is in our Asia continent. It is an island in the Indian Ocean. If traveling by plane, it takes about 4 hours. In addition, the privilege of Thai people to visit the Maldives. Ie you don’t need a visa And stay for up to 30 days, the price of accommodation and airfare is not as expensive as you think, plus here there is also a beautiful photo corner for couples to take many impressions. So what are you waiting for? Want to go, have to go Pack your bags and find accommodation to arrange a trip to Maldives.

Taking your lover on a honeymoon, there are many factors that need to be lost. Both money and time But believe that having a honeymoon in a romantic place after marriage, the atmosphere and feeling of relaxation will make you happier with your partner. Which, after the honeymoon, will there be a little baby or not? That must be a matter of nature But even without children You will have time to take together for your honeymoon elsewhere, either in the country or beyond.