10 Places to Visit in “Nan Province”, Thailand

If talking about the city of Nan already Second, I can say that it is the hottest trend in the trend of tourism. If you want to take a cultural tour, see beautiful temples, you can see in a spectacular way. Or if someone is a nature lover who likes mountains and sea fog, comes to Nan, never disappoints Because there are many routes to travel with each other in full Because this city has been bought in the beauty of the scenery Green mountain The more you visit in the rainy season, it will feel refreshed. And the greenery to the full, with only 2 days and 1 night, you can travel a lot with 8 beautiful natural paths of Nan. Pack your bags and get ready to go.

Pua City

The most prominent place in Nan must be given to Pua, this district is still very natural, beautiful scenery, nice weather, lovely people, Pua is a green city in a ravine full of cultural attractions and beautiful nature. It is home to a wide range of people, including Tai Lue people, hill tribes, Hmong, Mien and Lua people, but most of the people are Tai Lue people who have their own traditions and culture, especially in the traditional dress.

For example, the Tai Lue woven cloth that has been known for a long time has become a unique one of this district. During the farming season, we can see lush green fields surrounded by mountains and mist. In winter, it will experience cold weather. Come to Pua. Most of the popular comes in a slow style, focusing on resting on accommodation with a wide selection. Most of them are located in the midst of mountains and rice fields, then stop at various points starting from Wat Phuket Tub Na Tai Lue & Tub Na Coffee Nan, Ban Tai Lue Coffee Shop Wat Phra That Beng Kaek, Rong Nae Temple, Mushroom Farm, Ban Hua Nam Chilli, how can you miss it?

Doi Sakad

Doi Sakad is located in Pua District, Nan Province, on the Doi Phu Kha mountain range. It is about 22 km from Pua town and takes half an hour to travel. It is a famous mountain in the field of cultivation. Where to plant the grove of Nan city This mountain is home to hill tribes, Lua tribe with a simple lifestyle. And most importantly, it still has the purity of nature. Calm atmosphere.

It is suitable for resting at the rest of the rest of the body to recover from fatigue. Doi Sakad has about 2 homestays, but the accommodation that can be called the opening of Doi Sakad is known to tourists. Sakadee Homestay Accommodation in a simple wooden house that is located on a high ground with panoramic views of Doi Phu Kha mountains from the front porch. 

Besides tea tasting activities Resting and sleeping at the accommodation Sakadee offers interesting activities such as walking around the village with a local guide, about 3km distance, and another activity is a coffee trip in the middle of a hilltop coffee plantation and seeing the rice fields in the mountains.

Chiang Klang

Chiang Klang, the smallest calm district of Nan Province A little away from Pua district. Most of the tourists who come to Nan Will always stop at Pua and never reach this district Because if coming from Nan city, it will reach Pua first Chiang Klang has become a city that can not reach and pass by by default. In fact, it is a lovely district that is full of beauty and pure nature surrounded by mountains. Green fields People still live a simple life. Became a charming charm It is a very suitable city for chill. Who want to relax, feel the comfortable atmosphere at the accommodation that will help you relax As well as enjoying traveling to various places That will make it possible to experience the way of life and access the city of Chiang Klang more.

Ban Nam Mu Bu

Ban Nam Muon, many people may not be very familiar. Because it was recently launched as a community-style tourism destination for a long time, Ban Nam Muob is a small sub-district In Wiang Sa District Hidden in the quiet nature Surrounded by the green mountains of Luang Prabang mountain range. Villagers in the community live a simple life. Are friendly, good-natured The activity when arriving at Ban Nam Moob will alternate in each season, for example, in summer there are many mushrooms that will take them to gather mushrooms in the forest for cooking. Catch a crab to make Puu juice or Pu Pu juice. Watch how to make a banana. Which are the way of life of the people in the community If visiting during the farming season Ban Nam Muang is green with rice fields. It is a green atmosphere that is very attractive to visit.

Bo Kluea

Bo Kluea Another popular check-in point in Nan Province, Bo Kluea is a small district famous for making salt on the mountain, where there is nowhere for both consumption and distribution as another means of income. Including the scenery Beautiful surrounded by mountains The way of life of the villagers is still very original. Cool Making pond salt suitable for vacationing Inhale fresh air for a night, which in addition to restoring the battery charger can also travel to various points In the vicinity such as Salt mountain pond Take in the view in the village Or will continue to travel to Sapan village Located not far from each other as well.


Baan Saphan is located in Bo Kluea District, Nan Province, about 9 kilometers from Bo Kluea Mountain. Ban Sapan is a small, peaceful community nestled in the natural hills. A stream running through And during the rainy season, the farming season You can also see the scenery of the green rice fields as well. You can say that if you come to Bo Kluea Mountain, you can drive further, just a few minutes to reach Sapan village. Suitable for vacationing also good view accommodation that offers many properties. Take a scenic walk in the village Let life go slowly.

 Noy Na Muen

Na Noi District Na Muen, another tourist route in Nan That wants you to try and visit In Na Noi district, there are famous tourist attractions of Nan such as Doi Samer Dao, Sao Din, Na Noi, Khok Sua, where everyone has to sing their name. The Na Muen district. There are many attractions that some may not be familiar with. Arrive at Nan, try to take time for one day, visit Na Noi Na Muen like a day trip, take a car ride to see the serene atmosphere. And remain natural Green with villagers’ farms Believe that if anyone has tried to drive a car in this 2 districts, they will definitely like