How to "prevent eye" problems from computer

How to “prevent eye” problems from computer

Prevent eye, using computers has become a common practice for many. Either in the form of a desktop or a laptop. Most of our daily work is done on the computer, and a lot of our time is spent looking at the screen. And also the use of

5 "Honeymoon places", beautiful view

5 “Honeymoon places”, beautiful view

Traditionally, after marriage, couples often go hand in hand for their honeymoon at beautiful tourist attractions, which if talking about tourist attractions that are popular honeymoon places for couples, married couples are very popular. In the end, it must be ‘Sea’, the most in-depth suite of every

8 "European dishes" of international cuisine Unique

8 “European dishes” of international cuisine Unique

Today we would like to please the European dishes with the food menu of each country of Europe that is considered unique in each country and most importantly, delicious, or we would like to challenge you to try each other when you visit these countries. Some

Eat healthy fat, type of fat, Recommended dosage

Eat healthy fat, type of fat, Recommended dosage

Mentioning the word fat, many people immediately scream, but if you know the right type and quantity, you can be healthy as you want. First of all, let’s understand that ” fat ” is an essential nutrient for the body. But must be given in moderation not too much Which

"Choose a sunscreen suitable for your lifestyle"

“Choose a sunscreen suitable for your lifestyle”

If you’re going to finish the skincare routine without sunscreen. Don’t do it, because sunblock is very important to your skin’s youthfulness and radiance. If you do not want to blemish dull skin have premature aging. Must apply sunscreen regularly and for the best UV protection. You have to be

"10 attractions in Bangkok"

“10 attractions in Bangkok”

Bangkok, the city never sleeps It’s a city of light and sound No matter what time you wake up, Bangkok has a place. Let you go on a trip 24 hours a day. 1. Temple of the Emerald Buddha Also known as Wat Phra Kaew Which is the priceless

7 Popular "Thai food", delicious

7 Popular “Thai food”, delicious

Thai food is reputed to be a charming food. Broke through the inner bosom And has a taste that is suitable for all tastes, whether sour, sweet, salty and spicy and the trick must be the perfumery derive from plants, vegetables, herbs Is the wisdom of the ancestors that

3 "Benefits of Natural Honey", you didn't expect

3 “Benefits of Natural Honey”, you didn’t expect

Everyone knows The benefits of honey as well, which honey is a product of nectar. That the bees collect And through a natural process within the honeycomb until it becomes a sweet natural honey Which in addition to being cook. It is a combination of both savory dishes, sweet dishes and beverages. To

7 "Negative Attitudes" That Without The Future

7 “Negative Attitudes” That Without The Future

Many times, various factors holding us until life doesn’t go anywhere with him, some choose to blame others. Or various situations. Some people cut themselves off they don’t acknowledge the reality around them, while some people move forward faster than anyone else if one thinks they are experiencing obstacles in life Let’s