How to choose underwear for your brother

If there is a chance to walk by the mall We will note that men’s underwear is available in many forms. The design of many types of men , many of whom would be selected as well. Therefore, in order not to waste time Let’s try to see. What kind of underwear are there in each type? And how to choose to suit you and your brother.

Underpants Or as we are familiar with, Boxer underwear is not fit, comfortable to wear, but can not wear much movement, such as exercise, etc., which is popular with Thai people like us, has been influenced by Westerners. Most are half the length of the thigh. However, these pants have become very popular among teenagers. The boxer trend has already spread to some women.

Tight shorts This pants shape is different from the first in that Underwear like this add a snug fit for greater ease of movement. But it does not hold your brother much. • Pouch boxer is another type of brief shorts. That carries our brother very well UFABET Whether young or old, they will carry more confidence. Because of the fit of this pants.

Popular underwear or briefs Underwear like this, we have seen each other since we can remember. Because of this type of underwear in Thailand there are many brands and styles But the factor that is essential to selecting is the quality of the fabric. Irritation And most importantly, do not choose too concise. Because it may hurt the brother of the owner of the pants The underwear has been featured in the opening match at a comfortable height, waist, thighs, lower more attractive to young people was very good.