“Choose a sunscreen suitable for your lifestyle”

If you’re going to finish the skincare routine without sunscreen. Don’t do it, because sunblock is very important to your skin’s youthfulness and radiance. If you do not want to blemish dull skin have premature aging. Must apply sunscreen regularly and for the best UV protection. You have to be picky and picky in choosing a sunscreen. SPF is a PA must be good. What is SPF and PA?

SPF is a block UVB radiation or preventing the burning of the skin itself (a Sun The Burn). The PA is the UVA protection or prevent darkening of the skin (Sun Tan). If a PA +++ protects skin from UVA up to 8x Apart. Choose a sunscreen from the efficiency of skin protection Adding fun that reflects yourself. Helps to make this self-care procedure no longer boring.

“What kind of sunscreen is suitable for our lifestyle?” “ALLIE”, a sunscreen brand under Kanebo Cosmetics, Japan There are recommendations to assure you that your skin is beautiful and fun to use in every lifestyle.

Active sports strap

People who love to exercise Or have an active lifestyle Enjoy the agility and the outdoors with fun and carefree. Recommend sunscreen milk emulsion “ALLIE EXTRA UV PERFECT” is absorbed quickly and comfortably protects the skin effectively. With innovation Super Friction Proof, the highlight of ALLIE is resistant to abrasion and rubbing Do not worry that the sun will peel off. Importantly, there is an advanced sunscreen ADVAN technology Also protects the deep layers of the skin (size 60mL, price 780 baht)

Fashion line

Because Beauty & amp; Fashion is important to pay attention to. Suitable for sunscreen gel “ALLIE EXTRA UV FACIAL GEL”, an oil-control sunscreen gel that can be used as a makeup base as well. Protect your skin from UV rays and make your skin beautiful and ready. Before applying foundation or before make-up, beautiful face, clear skin, a cool item that must not be missed (size 60 g, price 780 baht)

Young office lady, chic life

If you have to stare at the computer monitor and the phone screen And spend most of my life in the office every day in the office, exposed to cool air, dry air until the skin is dry, rough, dull, we recommend a cool item, “ALLIE EXTRA UV GEL”, moisturizing sun gel Provides comfort to the skin every time it is applied. With nutrients from hyaluronic acid and collagen as well, no fragrance, no parabens, colorless and has the outstanding innovation of ALLIE, Super Friction Proof and Super Water Proof, waterproof, sweatproof and resistant to peeling. Rubbing and rubbing (size 90 grams, price 780 baht)

Saipay likes to share

Sharing good beauty items creates happiness for both giver and receiver. And how good it would be if you could give it something fun and variety for every recipient. Introducing the limited set “ALLIE HAPPY SHARE”, a special sunscreen set, 4 formulas, 4 styles in a cute package, designed by Japanese Illustrator. It is a sunscreen product for face and body with an innovation that prevents sweat odor and also helps tone up. Clearer skin With pearl sparkle with Super Friction proof and Super Water proof technology and comes in 4 stylish character formulas that you can choose to own (price at 970 baht per set) consisting of

  • Bright White formula is suitable for bright and casual women who like to go out for shopping. And meet friends at this chic holiday cafe
  • Rose Chaire formula is suitable for active, energetic, happy. Ready to have fun with the festival in the summer
  • Sakura recipe, sweet girl, cute, clear Loved by handmade lifestyle content and strolling the shopping street.
  • Lucent Breeze formula, strong cool girl. Love peace of solitude Her happiness is sitting in the cool breeze, refreshing the heart. And awake at the same time