6 “Extra career 2021” for doing at home, it’s good online

No need to wait for the shrinking work All you need is an idea and talent. Plus a little more diligence Was planning to earn money with a career at home on weekends Or when there is time Whether it is a salaryman or have a main occupation and can choose Today, we brings you to see a career in 2021 that should not be missed online.

Extra career earn extra money 2021

1. Make food for sale in the village

If you are a gifted person. And have time to cook try this list of your favorite dishes that are savory, tasty, come to cook lunch boxes. Or sell only side dishes So that village members can order through Line Or use the method of adding LINE to create a sales group for specific people you know Even if it doesn’t advertise, it relies on selling it to a group of friends or acquaintances. In the long run, it will definitely come back and buy it.

2. Drive a food delivery truck

A career driving food delivery or Food Delivery is also strong, coupled with a career in food sales, there is a cost of membership. Have your own motorcycle Especially in large urban areas That used the service to call for food delivery to home And can be adjusted to receive jobs from multiple applications This occupation is a career after work for many people.

3. Take care of children or tutoring

During many offices for employees to work from home. But due to the COVID-19 outbreak situation Still not resolved May have to be deposited with a trusted neighborhood Childcare career Or tutoring to youngsters who have to study online at home

4. Caring for the elderly

When the grandchildren need to work outside the home And need helpers to take care of adults at home closely and trust Care for the elderly is an additional occupation of housewives which is in demand in the market In which you can accept jobs directly from the employer Or leave a profile with the aged care recruiting company.

5. General contractors take care of the garden, mowing

during the time the homeowner spends more time at home I want to keep the house clean and beautiful Both pruning trees, landscaping and cutting grass is a profession that has high demands. Because you can’t do it alone How to find a job may also be posted by village group. Or put a notice board near the accommodation, including telling friends In case of meeting someone who wants to hire

6.Selling the plants

coronavirus has made the tree planting trend back more and more popular. Especially small plants that can be raise in condominiums or dormitories, people. Who generate income from selling plants come from receiving plants to decorate them in pots and post for sale. With delivery service Which need to study how to raise, including basic care methods in order to consult with customers Including growing popular organic vegetables in the kitchen Looks like an online career with a pretty good direction.