4 cocktail bars with the transformation of business into ‘cafes’

The only thing they can do for the survival of the bar itself and the entire staff. Is to change the style of the night bar To become a café serving coffee, cocktail bars, mocktails and bakery during the day, each bar still retains its identity and concept as well. 

What stores will there be? We have gathered for you to help them as one of the strengths to help them continue their business. And change the atmosphere into a bar during the day, it makes sense as well.


     Speakeasy Bar, the hottest Playroom (Playroom) located above the French restaurant. Casual fine dining, Stage (Stash), has come together to transform into a unique cafe. Under the name Playroom Café that still retains the atmosphere of the cool, sexy, full of the normal bar Which is decorated in black, red, gold tone and important to the secret playroom zone in Mr.

Even if abstain from alcohol But the coffee menu here is also ready to wake you up. Or in the highlight section that should not be missed A mocktail menu that recreates Playroom’s signature cocktails into a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink. But still retained the typical fiery names like Porn Star, Golden Chain, Close Your Eyes, and Imprison ufabet.

Another thing not to be missed is the Dessert Trolley, there’s Truffle Hot Dog and Wagyu Burger, two signature menus from Stage. 

Playroom Café is open daily from 12.00 – 20.00, Ekamai Complex. (Between Soi Ekamai 19 and 21) Sukhumvit 63 Tel. 080-278-7808 or  www.facebook.com/Playroom.Bkk

Bar 335

Secret bars in Soi Sukhumvit 39, in addition to having to find the entrance to the bar This place is also notable for its cocktail, atmosphere and Japanese-style decoration. That emphasizes the cool Not so simple But if you want to have fun The bar is ready to transform from a quiet night, take a couple of glasses and go home. Into a night of extreme fun as well 

Although the bar has switch to open during the day, where you can choose from Matcha or Hojicha,

Bar 335 Temporary Coffee Slow Bar & Snack Open daily 10.00 – 18.00 Metropole Building, Soi Promsri, Sukhumvit 39 Tel. 082-441-4134 or www.facebook.com/BAR-335


     After creating a buzz with the recently released Contrast Edition 2.0 menu from Vesper, a small European-style bar packed with quality from this Convent alley area.

 The Non-Contrast mocktail menu adapted from Contrast Edition 2.0 is a must-see,  chrysanthemum and coconut water, LGBTQ +, Male, Female & Me (240 baht). Strawberry, raspberry, citrus and tonic.

    Vesper Caffè is open Monday – Saturday, 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM. Tel. 02-235-2777 or www.facebook.com/vesperbkk.