4 cheap and good lipsticks 2023 in matte finish

Here it is, a collection of cheap and good lipsticks 2023 that girls have been waiting for! We will update the creamy matte lipstick. That many people love more than a dip, Because it is apply and has a matte finish, it does not dry out and does not fall off ufabet.

1.Cute Press Never Too Matte

This guy is a new version of the Cute Press lip matt. They come in quite a wide range of colors, the price is about 299 baht.

2. Maybelline The Creamy Mattes

A creamy, soft lip matt, easy to apply, not stumbling across the cracked lips. There are quite a lot of colors to choose from, about 20 shades, especially the nude and red tones, which is very beautiful #Personally, people with dry lips, but want a lip matt, would like this one. Price is about 149 baht.

3.4u2 I Heart You Matte

The legendary heart lip is not to mention it is not really this model, they have both a matte texture and a moist texture. But today we talk about lip matt So I would like to raise it, but lip Matt Because this model is very beautiful, smooth color, easy to apply, clear color, does not fall off at all Very precious, mom! Apply and blur the edge of the mouth too. Beautiful color tone but quite similar, the price is about 149-199 baht.

4.L’oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick

This is not a normal lipstick stick. But is a two-headed lip, one side is the texture of the lipstick The other side is a sponge to blur the edge of the mouth, smooth and chic, this time is popular! Beautiful color tone, easy to carry, easy to use, no need to mess with your fingers. There are sponges to spread out, but the price is about 249-399 baht.