Things you should have when treating covid-19

When you receive confirmation from covid-19 test is complete and it turns out you are infected with covid The next thing you can do is wait for the staff to come and take you to a hospital or government-provided facility. But due to the ever-increasing number of coronavirus cases, supply and demand are inconsistent.

Home remedies to alleviate coronavirus symptoms that can be bought by yourself

1. Antipyretic 

Paracetamol is the easiest drug to buy without a prescription. Has the effect of reducing fever and reducing basic pain, such as mild to moderate, such as pain relief – headache. It is recommend that you take no more than 1,000 milligrams of paracetamol per dose, or approximately 4,000 milligrams per day. And should not use this drug for more than 5 days in a row.

2. Medicine to relieve cough

dextromethorphan Dextromethorphan and codeine, a cough suppressant, may help relieve cough and sore throat symptoms. It is the most common cough suppressant in the cough medicine category. This type of medication will help treat chronic dry cough it is recommend to take it only during sleep and rest periods, should not be taken regularly. Because it is a cough suppressant that treats from the root cause. If there is sputum in combination, it is better to take medicine to dissolve it.

3. Phlegm Dissolving Pills 

Ambroxol Hydrochloride has been report to be used to treatbecause. Ambroxol is a cough suppressant that helps dissolve phlegm. Make the mucus less sticky. For treating cough caused by infection, mucolytics actually contain other drugs besides Ambroxol, such as Acetylcysteine ​​(N-AcetylCysteine ​​/ NAC) or Bromhexine  For N-acetylcysteine It is an expectorant drug that has been used in the treatment of patients with critically ill COVID- an anti-inflammatory and immune booster

4. Andrographis paniculata herbal medicine

Fah lai Joo is an herb that is classified in ancient Thai medicine textbooks. It is effective in reducing fever, coughing and relieving sore throat. In the sky that has paniculata, there is an important substance call “Andrographolike substances (Andrographolide)” that can inhibit the replication of the virus. It also stimulates the body’s immune system as well. It is recommend to take according to the label on the bottle or if it is not specified. Should not exceed 60-120 mg per day. And should not take more than 5 consecutive days  so anyone. Who wants to eat paniculata to prevent covid-19 Maybe not answering the question. Because Fah Talai Thieves can’t eat continuously for a long time and The properties of the paniculata paniculata are not intend to protect against COVID-19. But it’s only for treating the symptoms of COVID.

5. Boost immunity with Vitamin C

Vitamin-C or Ascorbic Acid as we know it. about strengthening the immune system It functions as an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Although there is not enough information about the treatment of COVID-19. But the fact that we have a strong body have a good immune system It would be a better preparation, right? At present, the important role of Vitamin-C in high doses has been studied in relieving inflammation. and vascular injury in patients with COVID-19 Hopefully we will get good news soon

What is Home Isolation?

Home Isolation is for people with COVID-19 with very mild symptoms You can heal from home where:

  1. COVID-19 patients must be in bed waiting or waiting for Admit to be hospitalized and be diagnosed at the discretion of a physician and then be able to take care of the disease from home
  2. Patients with COVID-19 who have been admitted to a hospital or a government facility (such as a field bed) for at least 10 days and have been sent home for self-treatment from home. Isolation

In which the Home Isolation method must be isolated from people. cannot leave the house during the period of quarantine If the house/accommodation is found to be in conditions unsuitable for detention May need to find other places to detain

During the quarantine, there will be Delivering medicines to patients all the time which will introduce how to take medicine, observe sickness, check the temperature at It should not be higher than 38 °C , the oxygen saturation should not be lower than 96%, etc. The recommendations will depend on the context of each hospital you treat. which the hospital will There is a follow-up to assess the patient’s symptoms During the separation at home all the time. In case of worsening symptoms, the patient will be transported to the hospital.