“Birth control pills”, cancer risk

Birth control pills as we get older, the body will produce less estrogen and start to enter the golden age. Many people begin to notice physical changes such as hot flushes in the body, sweating, and insomnia. It interferes with daily life, so many people have to see a doctor to get hormonal drugs. Today we will take everyone to know how to eat synthetic hormones that affect our body and how.

Although hormone replacement therapy can be a useful therapy in people with severe sex hormone deficiency. But on the other hand, it may be prone to side effects. Common side effects when given hormones may include symptoms such as headache, vaginal bleeding. Most often found during the first 3-6 months when using hormone replacement therapy, such as indigestion, bloating, breast pain, menstrual flaccid, etc.

Although these are the symptoms list above, they may be common after taking hormones. But if symptoms worsen or persist, you should consult a doctor with severe side effects. It often increases the risk of serious diseases that follow, such as

Research studies on the benefits and side effects of hormone replacement therapy in women.

There were two studies conduct by the “Women’s Health Initiative” (WHI) Hormone Program” on the effects of hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women: 

Studies on the use of birth control pills

Studies on the use of estrogen pills. With progesterone in postmenopausal women who still have a uterus The results of the study found that the hormonal pills were associated with increased risk factors for breast cancer, cardiovascular disease. However, it was found that these pills reduced risk factors for bowel cancer and hip fracture compared to postmenopausal women who were not taking hormones.

A study of the use of estrogen-only pills

A study of the use of estrogen-only pills in postmenopausal women who had a hysterectomy. The results showed that estrogen-only pills only increased the risk of ufabet cerebrovascular disease.

Therefore, people who start to have symptoms of menopause want to use hormone replacement. Should see a doctor to consult before using hormone replacement therapy in menopause.