5 different types of cough that is a sign of a serious disease

Types of cough that is a sign of a serious disease. Cough is a symptom that annoys both the patient and close ones. Especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. If someone coughed near us, we would definitely be paranoid. It is not counted that patients with cough, especially coughing for several days in a row, will make the body more tired. I’m so tired that I don’t want to do anything.

     If someone who just has a slight cough, such as a dry cough when the weather changes. or a cough with a little sputum because of a cold This way, just taking cough medicine and drinking warm water can help you feel better. But some types of cough that last a long time are not good and can be a sign of life-threatening. Today let’s look at what each type of cough has. And which ones are so dangerous that we need to be careful? If anyone is having a cough like this, you need to see a doctor urgently.

5 types of cough that is a sign of disease

1. Cough and chest pain

     If when we cough and feel chest pain including hoarseness It may be that we may have acid reflux disease. Usually, GERD is characterized by a burning sensation in the chest after eating a large meal, which in some people is accompanied by a persistent cough that comes and goes with a hoarse voice. Stinging in the neck and chest This can be a sign of acid reflux disease. 

2. Coughing and sounding in the lungs

     coughing and sound in the lungs which the sound will be a whistle to be heard This reminds me of asthma. Whenever we cough often accompanied by shortness of breath and a whistling sound. This is caused by the narrowing of our airways. which when the trachea is constricted When we breathe, there will be a small, squeaky sound. along with symptoms of exhaustion because the body does not exchange oxygen well but in addition to asthma It may be bronchitis. or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

3. Chronic cough

     Whenever we have a cough for more than 8 weeks or more. This can be considered a chronic cough. This may be a sign of bronchitis. Especially if someone who has a history of smoking before may have emphysema. Including cancer, there is also a chronic cough with me.

4. I can’t cough and lie down

     When coughing but unable to lie down with frothy pink sputum or bloody sputum To suspect that there may be a heart attack. Because it is possible that we have pulmonary edema. This will make it impossible to lie down or sometimes go to sleep, but at night have to get up. If this is the case, go see a doctor urgently.

5. Coughing up blood

     Of course, if whenever we cough up blood. We already know that it is very dangerous and needs to see a doctor urgently. Coughing up blood can be a sign of cancer, especially lung cancer. But in addition to cancer, there is also tuberculosis with coughing blood, both of which have many other symptoms if we feel that there is something wrong with the body. is a fever at night The lymph nodes in the neck are swollen, enlarged, weight loss, so seek medical attention for further investigation, as for other non-serious diseases, but may present with a coughing up blood. It’s like a common cold. That sometimes makes us cough until the capillaries in the neck burst. Like this, there may be streaks of blood coming out when we cough.