7 Popular “Thai food”, delicious

Thai food is reputed to be a charming food. Broke through the inner bosom And has a taste that is suitable for all tastes, whether sour, sweet, salty and spicy and the trick must be the perfumery derive from plants, vegetables, herbs Is the wisdom of the ancestors that are added to add Causing a distinctive odor, shape, taste and character Including the taste, it can be made super delicious Until having to scream loud and bang, thus making the food taste delicious Not losing any nation in the world anyway

And of course, there are many Thai recipes. From the splendid villager recipes to royal recipes, but for the signature dishes That is pleasing and known to various people Valuable potatoes from Europe, America, Latin America, or even Asia. There are food menus that foreigners know and are very popular to eat.

Today, let’s introduce 7 Thai dishes that have been selected by fellow people who offer popular dishes that are well known. Come and let your friends have a look. Let’s go see what the menu is. For anyone who is hungry You can go pick up the spatula and you can do it, or you can stick it to the restaurant. Certified such Thai food menu Stick to the shelf of the store that people must definitely order.

1. Stir fried spicy chicken with basil leaf with fried egg

For dishes like stir-fried basil that many people like to call it desperate food. Since when I want to eat anything but I can’t imagine it, it will definitely end up at Stir Fried Basil. Whether pork basil Or chicken basil Spread rice, eat with a hot fried egg, fragrant, very sensual, and is also one of the most popular dishes that must be ordered every time. And did not like only Thai people Also like foreigners When you arrive in Thailand All have to order as well Plus the price is not expensive as well. Because it is a single dish.

2. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

If talking about pineapple fried rice. Many people may not be able to eat much. But if the food is already a foreigner Well known Until it is a food menu.  That people all over the world know even more besides the delicious taste of fried rice. The tenderness and creativity of Thai people. By bringing the pineapple to make a decorative container Decorated delicately. Then makes such food menus It also reflects the charm of Thai culture.

3. Thai stir fried noodle with shrimp

It is one of the menus that can be eaten almost everywhere, with every menu, whether in the street food style or up to a luxury restaurant department. Pad Thai is also a popular dish that must be ordered at an affordable price. Pad Thai paired with fresh shrimp. Delicious taste Who came to Thailand Must stop and order.

4. Massaman Curry With Chicken,

One of the food that is vote the most delicious food in the world with curry paste and its sweet and creamy taste. It has a very seductive smell that will make you hungry. And captivating, wanting to taste With chicken massaman curry with potatoes. Therefore, the aforementioned menu is a must-try and must be eaten by people around the world every time.

5. Tom Yam Kung (Spicy sour soup with Shrimp)

It is one of the most popular dishes of all time. Because Tom Yum Kung It has charm and taste that conveys Thai identity. There is a garden of herbs, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lemon and fresh chili. Seduce the passion Must order every time.

6. Tom Kha Kai (Thai Chicken Coconut Soup)

Another great menu, not two.  Tom Kha Kai the charm lies in the scent of the shrilling coconut milk, seductive and delicious taste, sweet, slightly salty, served with hot steam rice. Incredible.

7. Mango sticky rice

If finished eating savory food. Ended up with a popular dessert like Sticky rice with mango. Is another sweet food menu Which is available to eat all year round The taste is very good, and it is very good. Plus also likes foreigners The thumbs up for Thai sweet sticky rice, it’s even more delicious because it can’t be bought abroad. If you want to eat delicious desserts Must hit the plane ticket Come and eat to Ufabet Thailand.

Which must be given to good beauty And the intelligence of the wisdom of the. Thai people that is known to consecrate the ingredients in the kitchen garden in the house. It can be used to prepare food deliciously, suitable for both Thai people. And embellish the liking of foreigners There are also many Thai dishes on the menu. That is not cited in this blog post How, then, your friends, which readers?