5 Cambodian foods You Have to Eat in Cambodia

Cambodian food. It is a neighboring country that is unfortunately overlooked for Cambodia that has world heritage attractions like Angkor Wat – Angkor Thom Who is the history buff? If you love to see ancient civilizations, you must go and see it once.

What does Cambodian food look like?

     So close to each other But what travelers are definitely wondering about is Cambodian food, although he eats rice, noodles, and curries similar to our home, but if given in details, there are quite a few interesting differences. Historically, the influence of food comes from France, China, India, Portugal.

     Components used in Cambodian cooking It will use something similar to the Thai kitchen, such as dried chili, fresh chili, coconut milk, etc., but the spicy taste will be lighter than ours. Anyone who wants to try to visit 5 Cambodian food, recommend you to try when visiting. As follows

1. Amok

Amok is the most well known Cambodian dish. The appearance is similar to the steamed muff. But the main meat that he uses is freshwater fish. Mixed with various ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, coconut milk, steamed enough to set. Eat with rice Will have a creamy taste like Indian food But the taste is not as spicy as Thai steamed mok.

2. Nom Banh Chok

Popular breakfast menu for Cambodians If you go out for a walk in the morning market, you will see people sitting and eating milk. Is the introduction of rice flour noodles (Or noodles) is topped with fish sauce, sprouts, paprika, cucumbers and other fresh vegetables.

3. Lok lak

Chakalak or beef stir-fried with shallots (May use pork as well), commonly eaten with rice as well It comes with a dipping sauce made from lime and pepper. This dish is influenced by Vietnam. Which has been influenced by France But the sauce used is Cambodian style

4. Kaw Core

The stew menu looks like a stew. But the ingredients will be different. It is popular to use pork or chicken with eggs, palm sugar, fish sauce, and pepper. And bamboo shoots too

5. Samlar machu

Cambodian Sour Soup The sour taste of tamarind, tomato and chopped flavor is popular to eat at dinner. Popular with catfish Or other meats such as beef, river prawns, etc.