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As you may know, your US/Canadian Auto insurance is not recognized in Mexico by either the government or police. You must get Mexico specific auto insurance.

By clicking through the quote link here, you'll be able to get 4 competitive quotes from some of the best and most reasonably priced companies that offer this coverage.

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You'll note from the quotes that most of the companies even offer to pay for your flight back to the states if you get into an accident and rates tend to be very inexpensive given the coverage offered.

There are a few additional things you'll need to legally take a car into Mexico in addition to your passport etc.
  1. Proof of Car ownership (photocopy of your title should suffice) in the name of the driver or an occupant.
  2. Proof of Valid US/Canadian Registration
  3. Statement from any lien holders (letter must be less than three months old) authorizing you to temporarily import the vehicle into Mexico.
  4. Tourist Card *
  5. Temporary Vehicle Import Permit & Return Guarantee Bond*
* For these two items you'll need to stop and ask at the border station whether they're actually needed for your trip (usually not for trips up to 20km south of the Mexican Border). They may not be required for some of the border towns/tourist spots especially if you won't be in the country long, and may not be needed within the "Free Trade Zone." (including the Baja California and Sonora Free Trade Zones) It is important that you do obtain the documents if they are needed however, as you will be out of compliance with legal immigration laws if you fail to get them and this could cause serious problems if you're pulled over or stopped at a checkpoint.

* It's not like the states! Mexican Border Guards will very likely just waive you through at the border going south! You'll have to make a serious effort to stop and there's a good chance they'll be annoyed with you for slowing down traffic to do so. The place to do it is right at the border however even though there may not even look to be adequate parking. Don't be looking for another office just down the road where you can make it happen. The border crossing is the spot!

Look for a lane that says "Modulo De Control Vehicular", or Declarations lane. (Note, there is a mechanism to do this at some authorized Consulates of Mexico for $36 USD, but it needs to be done well in advance of your trip if you choose to go that route).

Permits/bonds are good for 180 days and failure to maintain them can result in confiscation of your car so don't mess this up. Be sure not to lose the permit since you will need to turn it in once you leave or forfeit your bond.

Best to just keep these docs with your passport so they're not stolen from your car or etc.

US state department advisory link for Mexico

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