Green vs. Environmental Coverage

Though these terms sound like they might have similar connotations, they are really very different animals.

"Green Insurance" is relatively new phenomenon. Basically it's any type of insurance that is either:
  1. Written by a "Green Insurance Company"
  2. Written in such a way as to reward people for making environmentally sound choices (like driving hybrid cars or building LEED certified buildings). Or is ...
  3. Written specifically to allow for property that suffers a loss to be replaced/rebuilt to green or LEED standards etc even if it wasn't originally constructed to those standards.

Another way to look at the green coverages above is that they are designed to:
  1. Enable Green Insurance purchasing decisions
  2. Reward current Green Life Choices
  3. Insure that you can rebuild greener if you have a loss
Taken together, all of these types of Green Insurance can make the world a better place and Mojave West can help you out with all of them as well.

Environmental Insurance is about Protecting Covered entities from the "Environmental Risks."

Some examples of Environmental coverage include the following:
  1. Coverage to protect against pollutions spills, oil or other petrochemical spills and even industry specific coverage for dry cleaners, oil drillers, chemical haulers or etc.
  2. Coverage for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste haulers, facilities and etc.
  3. Coverage for engineers, labs, oil and gas consultants etc.

Before you start to think this has nothing to do with you however, consider this:
If you have oil or chemicals of any amount on your property, you have a potential "Environmental risk that you should consider covering. The average homeowner heating oil spill cleanup bill is in the $20,000 50,000 range with some coming in even higher (and pollution coverage is typically excluded from your homeowners policy). For commercial properties where oil is used for heating, both the size and cleanup cost of a spill can be considerably higher
They can range from tens of thousands to millions.

So we don't do much with domestic Environmental Insurance, but we do work with commercial clients to help with their Environmental Coverage. Call us for a quote today!

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