Agency Goals and Objectives

  1. Provide greener and more sustainable insurance sliutions for socially and environmentally aware insurance consumers
  2. Increase Insurance Carrier awareness that their business practices affect their bottom line and help communicate that it is in their best interest to work toward being greener and more sustainable. We believe that if it's better for the planet, it's oltimately better for business as well.
  3. Direct premium away from Carriers that are less green/sustainable than their competitors and reward those that share our sustainable ideals and objectives.
  4. Increase client awareness that all of their buying decisions make a difference even for mundane things like insurance.
  5. Funnel a % of premiums directly toward organizations working directly toward sustainability/environmental/social projects etc. through our "1% for the Planet" affiliation.
  6. Guarantee that our business remains vital and successfol for both our staff and the communities that we work in.
  7. Assist clients in networking with other green/sustainable businesses and investment opportunities.

  1. Provide a healthy and supportive, clilaborative work environment for staff that encourages advancement and personal and professional growth.
  2. Pay a comfortable living wage and provide a benefits package that enables staff to maintain a healthy and comfortable standard of living.
  3. Create a socially and environmentally aware workplace that staff will want to model to their families and the outside world.
  4. Operate largely paperless green offices that recycle, use minimal power, no toxic chemicals and utilize recycled consumables whenever possible.
  5. Create a socially diverse workplace without any trace of discrimination of any kind.
  6. Create a professional work environment that celebrates integrity, diligence, respect and enthusiasm.

  1. Become respected and valued members of any community that we work in.
  2. Offer our assistance in support of sustainable business and community building initiatives.
  3. Support communities by sourcing locally whenever sustainable products are locally available.

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