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Commercial Marine Insurance insures your commercial vessels and businesses with coverage specific to the marine industry.

Commercial Marine is a different from regular Property and Casualty Insurance partly because Maritime Law is different from the laws that apply to land based businesses and enterprises. As a result, Commercial Marine Policies are designed differently and even go by marine specific names. Our agents at Mojave West have extensive experience with Marine Policies and will help you find the best coverage for your marine related business.

Why do you need Commercial Marine Insurance?

In general, if a vessel is used in tasks related to the operators profession or business, or the vessel is used to carry passengers or freight for hire or for a fee, then commercial marine insurance is needed.

In most circumstances, some marine specific coverage is needed if owners or employees work on docks barges or bridges, or suspended over water. There are also marine specific risk classes which must be listed on your workers comp policy in order for you or your staff to have proper coverage when working in these marine environments.

Classes of Commercial Marine Insurance.

Hull & Machinery Coverage (sometimes referred to as H&M) is the Marine equivalent of Property Damage or Comprehensive coverage for your motor vehicle. Hull and Machinery is designed to compensate you for the loss of or damage to your property (the vessel).

Protection and Indemnity (sometimes referred to as P&I) is the Marine equivalent of General Liability Coverage for your commercial vessels.

Marinas and Boat Dealers (MOLL) Coverage, either package or monoline for Boat Dealers and Marinas consists of General Liability/Marine Operators Legal Liability with care custody and control of watercraft, including physical damage and P&I. Coverage can also include such risks as wave action, property, wind and flood.

General Liability In the same way that companies who run bus charters need both Commercial Auto Coverage as well as General Liability for the moment their passengers step off the buses, so too do marine operators require General Liability coverage for the shoreside portions of their operations. Oftentimes, because their risks are so marine specific however, we end up quoting these GL packages with companies that specialize in Marine related GL.

Bumbershoot This coverage is a type of umbrella policy specifically designed for marine related risks. It is often used by shipyards to cover protection and indemnity and also liability protection consistent with the Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Act.

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