Biker Insurance Coverage

Biker Insurance Coverage As bikers, we know that our gear needs to fit properly to protect us adequately.

Given the increased risks of motorcycling (6 times more injuries per mile ridden than drivers of cars), don't you think we should be more concerned that our motorcycle coverage fits our individual needs?

If you'd like us to quote you on the basic motorcycle coverage, we can certainly do that here, but we think we've come up with a better solution.

We encourage you to complete our proprietary MEASURE MY RISK comprehensive risk assessment quoting process that will factor in your individual life circumstances to provide you with a comprehensive insurance quote designed to fit your individual circumstances. It will take into account the fact that, when you strap on your helmet, your families future is also on the line.

Along with your motorcycle insurance quote, we'll also make sure you get some options for real world "biker coverage" which will give you suggestions for adequate life, health and accident insurance as well.

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